Eve Michaels is an Internationally Acclaimed Transformational Makeover and Image Empowerment Expert. For over 25 years Eve has been working with men and women around the globe to transform their look and lives. She works with everyone, from celebrities, corporate executives, politicians, small business owners, entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms.

As a motivational speaker, Eve captivates audiences around the globe. She has presented on some of the largest stages in the world: speaking at the same events as Tony Robbins and Robert Kyosaki. In 2009, Eve had the honor of opening the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and was asked to inspire with her message of Image Empowerment, Hope and Kindness. Eve was also part of The Master of Aesthetics team in Beverly Hills alongside many world-famous plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists to bring people the ultimate in the transformation arts.

As the best-selling author of Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy, Eve has used her unique makeover methods to reach global television and radio audiences. In the past 25 yrs she has been featured on: The Today Show, Extra, NBC Nightly News, ABC News, Entertainment Tonight, The Style Channel, BBC and ITV UK, Australia 60 Minutes, Telemundo and Univision, Japanese Public Television, Studio 512 Austin, Playboy Radio, LA Times Business, The Wall Street Journal, Worth Magazine, Women’s World, and many more.

A Note From Eve

“In the book I wrote, Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy, I said that our accessories are the ‘punctuation marks’ in the vocabulary of image. It is the place where we get to express our artistic side, our individuality, and let our personality shine. Statement jewelry is that special touch that adds great style and panache to our image. More than that, the right accessories can make us feel more vibrant and uplifted. And they can be so fabulous to wear. 

For years, I have taught my clients & students, that ‘the energy you put on you, is the energy you carry with you wherever you go.’ Accessories carry such interesting energy: loud or soft, glamorous or subtle, dramatic or delicate, artisanal or architectural…they all resonate a beauty and an energy. From demure or vintage, to bold and modern...the choice is yours. One day you can accessorize like Jackie Kennedy, one day like Iris, on another day like Lady Gaga and on another like Beyonce. You can create your own amazing style. The possibilities are endless.

The beautiful pieces we offer at The Shop Austin, have all been personally selected by me. I curate them from all over the world and from wherever I travel. I try on each and every piece to see how it sits on the body. Most of The Shop Austin’s jewelry pieces are vintage or one-of-a-kind (handmade by artisans). They are old and some are new but they are all unique. 

The Shop Austin began as an Image Studio: where I taught people about their colors and unique proportions, created their wardrobes and enhanced their image. I started collecting jewelry because I saw a real void in the stores for the kinds of pieces I wanted my clients to have. They weren’t easy to find on demand. I began buying wonderful jewelry and showing it to people as I worked with them. Then I started doing trunk shows as my collection grew to over 700 pieces! 

In 2017, I decided to close my studio and make The Shop Austin a virtual store to free myself up to travel and find jewelry and accessories wherever I go. To be able to touch the lives of many people with the amazing pieces I crave finding. For me the joy is in the “hunt,” the discovery, and the delight of what shows up as I search out wearable beauty. For the people who I work with privately, I get a huge thrill out of matching their energy to the amazing pieces I put on them!

Please note that I still see private clients for image and wardrobe makeovers. I also do public speaking for corporations, businesses and charitable events. Please go to for more information about my image services.

If you are interested in hosting a pop up shop, please go to our Shopping For A Cause. We will donate 20% of all sales from the pop up to the charity of your choice: adding more beauty and kind deeds to the world. 

I hope the pieces you buy from me will make you feel more beautiful when you wear them. I have tried on every piece, to be certain it lays well on the body, is flattering and has great energy. Each piece has a story, a history that it carries. Some are old, some are new. Some of them have been made for The Shop and are one-of-a-kind pieces. Some were created by famous designers and some by obscure artists. But they are all special: found with passion and great joy.

About ten years ago I was in a jewelry shop in Sedona and kept selecting the most expensive items. Frustrated, I said to the sales associate, ‘Darn! I always pick out the most expensive things everywhere I shop!’ to which she replied, ‘The most expensive? Or the most beautiful?’

‘The most beautiful’ I answered. ‘I always find the most beautiful pieces.’ And then she said something that changed my life and how I looked at beauty forever. She said, ‘Ah, do you find beautiful things or do beautiful things find YOU??’ I was stunned. The truth of it took my breath away.

 Beautiful things always find me because I love them so much and hope you will love them too.

In grateful appreciation, 

Eve M.”