Seven years ago I moved from Beverly Hills, California to Austin, Texas. I had been in the fashion business my entire life. At the time of my move, I was speaking and teaching about Image and doing makeovers in Los Angeles, New York, Asia and Europe: as a certified Image Consultant, and Style and Makeover Expert. For over 25 years, I did makeovers on television all around the world trying to raise the public's awareness about the "power of image." I wrote the book Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy and worked with private clients of all professions and ages. Finally my family encouraged me to open an image studio in Austin so I would be home more and The Shop Austin was born.

The Shop Austin was originally created as an Image Consulting Studio, where women and men could learn how to shop and/or have me shop for them. It was a gorgeous space where beauty was felt the moment one entered its doors. But when I started to shop in Austin, I quickly found that the accessories I needed to complete my client’s wardrobe were not easy to find. I became fascinated with hunting down fabulous accessories and wardrobe enhancing pieces everywhere I traveled. I collected them for my clients and for myself. Soon, I was doing jewelry and clothing trunk shows in my studio with amazing vintage & new pieces

I had procured and one-of-a-kind pieces handmade pieces by talented unique artists. My deep obsession with finding beautiful and unusual accessories began.  A few years later, I did some soul searching and realized that what I love most (aside from doing makeovers)  is finding and procuring fabulous accessories: pieces that turn heads, get you compliments,  start conversations and make you unique. In my book, I wrote that accessories are the “punctuation marks” in the vocabulary of image. It is the place where we get to let our artistic side and our unique personality shine. It is the special “touch” that gives our look great style and panache. 

I made the decision to free myself to travel, close my studio and make The Shop Austin an online store so I could follow my bliss: while touching the lives of people everywhere with the amazing pieces I love finding. For me the joy is in the “hunt,” the discovery, and the delight of what shows up as I search out wearable beauty. For the people who I work with privately, I get a huge thrill out of matching their energy to the amazing pieces I put on them! 

If you can think of yourself as a canvas, then the artistic pieces you wear becomes the "artistic expression" you choose to share each day. From demure or vintage, to bold and modern...the choice is yours. One day you can accessorize like Jackie Kennedy, one day like Marilyn Monroe and on another day like Diane Keaton or Beyonce. You can even create your own amazing style like the fashion icon Iris. The possibilities are endless. 

About ten years ago I was in a jewelry shop in Sedona and kept selecting the most expensive items. Frustrated, I said to the sales associate, “Darn! I always pick out the most expensive things everywhere I shop!”, to which she replied, “The most expensive? Or the most beautiful?”

“The most beautiful" I answered. "I always find the most beautiful pieces.” And then she said something that changed my life and how I looked at beauty forever. She said, “Ah, do you find beautiful things or do beautiful things find YOU??” I was stunned. The truth of it took my breath away. Beautiful things always find me because I love them so much. 

I hope the pieces you buy from me will make you feel more beautiful when you wear them. Every piece has been tryed on, to be certain it lays well on the body, is flattering and has great energy. Each piece has a story, a history that it carries. Some are old, some are new. Many have been made for The Shop and are one-of-a-kind pieces. Some were created by famous designers and some by obscure artists. But they are all special: found with love and great joy.

I will trust that the Universe will help you choose the right piece from my collection to love and cheish. 

Here's to your beauty and highest self-expression. To your being an amazing woman that is not afraid to turn heads and most of all who LOVES herself while feeling worthy of beauty in all of its wonder.